Las Vegas Manslaughter Defense Lawyers

Being charged with and convicted of manslaughter labels you as a killer, even though you never intended to kill anyone. Having a criminal record for manslaughter can result in years of jail time, fines, and disruption of your life, and may make finding employment in certain occupations more difficult.Like murder, manslaughter is a type of homicide crime; however manslaughter is a less serious crime, because it lacks the intention that is required for a murder conviction. Manslaughter differs from murder in that it is killing without malice or premeditation. The crime of manslaughter is broken down into two types in Nevada: voluntary and involuntary.

Voluntary Manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter in Nevada is when a killing is done in the heat of passion. According to the definition in Nevada statutes, voluntary manslaughter is when there is “a serious and highly provoking injury inflicted upon the person killing, sufficient to excite an irresistible passion in a reasonable person, or an attempt by the person killed to commit a serious personal injury on the person killing.”

An example is if a husband walks into his home and finds his wife in flagrante delicto, in bed with another man, and in a state of shock and fury he kills them both immediately. The maximum prison term for voluntary manslaughter is ten years.

Involuntary Manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter in Nevada is an unintentional killing done in the course of breaking the law, for example driving a little bit over the speed limit and hitting a pedestrian, or as a result of a careless or negligent act, such as sending a text message while driving and plowing down a bicyclist. The maximum prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter is four years.

Vehicular manslaughter, the killing of a human being by means of a motor vehicle without malice or deliberation, is a type of involuntary manslaughter.

Your Constitutional Right to Counsel

If you have a low income, you will usually be given the opportunity to be represented by a public defender. But you will be better off using any resources you can gather to get your own lawyer. Public defenders usually are hard workers who try to do their best under difficult circumstances, but their caseloads are so overwhelming that it is impossible to devote a great deal of time to any one case. You need a lawyer who is personally committed to you.

A Las Vegas, Nevada, Criminal Defense Lawyer Committed to You

Ben Nadig understands what you’re going through and your concerns for your future, should you be convicted. Being arrested for a crime—especially a homicide crime—can be overwhelmingly stressful, and time consuming. Ben is committed to protecting your future by achieving the best possible outcome for your case and will fight to keep you out of jail.

Having the highly competent legal representation that Ben can deliver is the best way to minimize the negative consequences you’ll face. He will apply the strategies he has found to be effective in presenting your case to prosecutors, judge, and jury throughout his many years in Nevada’s criminal justice system as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer. As soon as you meet Ben, you’ll recognize his passion for upholding the rights that are guaranteed by the US Constitution, and for giving people who are either entirely innocent or who have made a mistake with legal repercussions to get back on their feet and enjoy the liberties so dear to us all.

Ben doesn’t charge for your initial consultation, and if finances are an issue, talk to him about setting up a payment plan you can afford.