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Petty larceny is the act of stealing goods or items valued at less than $650. If the goods are valued at $650 or more, the offense is known as grand larceny. It is essential to obtain qualified and experienced legal representation if you have been arrested for petty or grand larceny, for you could be left with a permanent criminal record if convicted. A permanent criminal record often makes it extremely difficult to obtain future employment, because future employers are reluctant to take their chances with a so called “thief” with a criminal record. We specialize in helping individuals who have been arrested for theft crimes.

The Worst Part of a Larceny or Theft Crime: Your Permanent Criminal Record

Many employers do not want to have anything to do with a job applicant who has a permanent criminal record. It is of course always best not to have an offense and a permanent criminal record as you go forward in your life. Innocent mistakes commonly happen, however:

  • Less than $650 – stealing another’s property valued at up to $650
  • $650 or more – grand larceny, 6 months in jail, permanent criminal record
  • Shoppers honestly forget to pay for items before they leave the store
  • Shopper’s children sometimes inadvertently and carelessly take home items from the store that they have been playing with
  • Nevertheless, such theft crimes can leave the adult and/or the child with a permanent criminal record

Theft Crimes are Crimes of Moral Turpitude

When an individual is convicted of a crime of theft, others assume that they cannot be trusted. Thus, employers are reluctant to hire defendants or those convicted. This is particularly so when contact with money is involved. Jobs such as cashiers, bankers, store employees and virtually all jobs in which case is involved is suspect. Jobs where bookkeeping is involved is subject to the
“moral turpitude” understanding.

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A conviction of petty or grand larceny can result in jail time and a fine. Worst of all, it will result in a permanent criminal record. It is advisable to contact the experienced attorneys at our
Las Vegas Criminal Law Offices where we can help you with these matters. We can question the evidence, the witnesses, the facts of the situation and most of all the actions of the alleged thief. Contact our office for a complimentary consultation now.