Las Vegas Casino Marker Defense Lawyers

A casino marker is a line of credit issued by the casino to the gambler. The gambler uses the casino marker money to gamble in the gambling establishment. When a gambler does not repay the casino marker, it becomes a Nevada criminal defense. If the amount that is due is more than $250.00, the offense becomes a class D Nevada felony. What are the consequences of not repaying a casino marker?

  • Arrest
  • Possibility of prison time
  • Penalties
  • Fines

Dealing with Your Casino Marker Debt

Again, this is a potentially extremely dangerous situation for the defaulted casino marker. It is recommended that a
Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer who has experienced and knowledge in the area of casino markers be contacted immediately. They may help you by:

  • Immediately contacting the lender
  • Taking aggressive action
  • Showing the creditor that you intend to pay
  • Making a plan to pay the amount due


  • Options are available and they must be pursued, for non-action will give the impression that you are avoiding the issue entirely
  • Even if you live outside of the state of Nevada, an arrest warrant may be issued, requiring your extradition to Nevada to deal with the case

Our law office deals with casino marker cases and we have the skills and experience to help casino marker debtors.

Bad Check Felony

When you obtain a casino marker at a casino credit you are required to sign a blank check. This is the security that is used to ensure that you will repay the funds borrowed from the casino. If you do not pay the amount due and are contacted, the bank will attempt to cash the check. It is highly advisable to contact a Las Vegas Casino Marker attorney immediately to negotiate on your behalf and to help you with these issues.

Casino Marker Defense Attorneys Free Legal Consultation

If you find yourself owing money for a defaulted casino marker, the attorneys at our office can help you with your situation. It is important to contact us immediately so that we can get take the necessary steps in regard to your release and in regard to establishing a payback plan. Communication is essential. There are many issues involved; you do not have to necessarily end up with a criminal record. To
contact our office for a free case review, contact us as soon as possible – it is for your own good to look into your options.