Las Vegas Juvenile Defense Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

As a parent, having your minor child arrested can be a devastating experience. Children and adolescents sometimes act on a dare, a whim, or in rebellion, without considering or understanding the potential consequences of their behavior, and may find themselves in trouble with the law. If this has happened in your family, you can protect your child’s interests and future by hiring an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney.

The Juvenile Justice System

Nevada law recognizes that minors often lack the maturity and judgment to make consistently good decisions. The state has created a separate juvenile justice system that focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment and provides young offenders with the guidance they need to get their lives back on the right track.

An unfortunate trend in recent years has been to transfer the more serious juvenile crimes to the adult system, which negates the purpose and intent of an enlightened juvenile justice policy. This is shortsighted, because once a minor has been transferred into the adult system and convicted as an adult, the difficulties of ever returning to a normal life as a productive and law-abiding adult are often insurmountable.

If your child has been charged with a crime, more than anything else, you need a juvenile defense attorney capable of keeping him or her out of the adult system.

A Juvenile’s Right to the Best Defense

All Americans, including juveniles, have the right to counsel and the best available defense when accused of a crime. Many juvenile defendants have no choice but to use a public defender. Most public defenders are dedicated lawyers who work long hours and do their best to assist these young people. Unfortunately, they have to deal with enormous caseloads, giving them little time to give each case the focused attention that is possible when you hire a private lawyer.

Protect Your Child’s Future

If your son or daughter has been arrested, there’s a good chance you’re feeling shock, anger, and disbelief. It is normal to feel angry at your child while being desperately worried about how a conviction could affect the child’s future. Regardless of your anger and disappointment, your child needs your help and support. You should hire a lawyer who can devote the required time and close attention to your child’s case, and who is able to protect your child’s rights and best interest by keeping the child in the juvenile system, which was created to meet the needs of young defendants. You need a lawyer who is able to work within the system for your child’s best interest, without imposing barriers to a meaningful life. If the court has already certified your child to be tried as an adult, the stakes are even higher.

Juvenile Defense Lawyer for Your Child

Choosing the right lawyer to represent your minor child can make the difference between a return to life as a law abiding citizen and a life of crime after having fallen under the influence of hardened criminals in an adult prison. A lawyer who cares and who understands the system can give your child a chance at a future.
Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Benjamin Nadig understands the heartbreak and fear you feel as a parent when your child has been accused of a criminal offense. He believes that young people are entitled to another chance, and he’s committed to fighting for Nevada’s at-risk youth.

Contact Las Vegas juvenile defense attorney Ben Nadig immediately if your son or daughter has been arrested or questioned. Ben is on call twenty-four hours a day and will be there when you need him to provide the advice, protection, and advocacy that can get your child back on track without slamming the door to meaningful future.