Las Vegas Sex Trafficking Defense Attorney

In general terms, sex trafficking occurs when one person is forced into the sex trade by another. Whether you are a person who transports people into Nevada to become prostitutes or a person who operates a prostitution ring, you could be facing charges under the state’s sex trafficking laws.

Sex trafficking charges are completely different from pimping and pandering charges. Sex trafficking charges specifically seek to punish people who use force, threats or lies to induce others to become prostitutes. A conviction in these cases can result in heavy fines, lengthy prison sentences and registration as a sex offender. If you are facing charges for sex trafficking, be sure that you have a skilled defense attorney representing you.

Strong Defense Against Sex Trafficking Crime Charges

Nevada’s sex trafficking law was passed in 2013. These are very complex legal matters to begin with, and prosecutors will sometimes pursue cases that fall outside of the scope of the law. At The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig, Chtd., I work tirelessly to prevent convictions in sex trafficking cases.

I have a complete understanding of the law, and I know the rights of the people facing charges under it. You can rely on me to pursue every available option in an effort to beat the charges. I closely examine every aspect of your case to ensure that your rights were respected at every stage of the investigation. If I find any indication that your rights were violated, I will take steps to have the charges dismissed and any illegally obtained evidence suppressed.

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