Las Vegas Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

Although Las Vegas is well known as one of the greatest party cities in existence, if a resident or tourist is found with drugs, or is engaged in a drug crime such as trafficking, they can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. While it is important to remember that all persons are innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law, the fact remains that it is up to the defendant’s attorney to refute evidence against the accused. The attorney will do everything in their power to aggressively and proactively represent their client with the ultimate goal of a finding of not guilty.

Drug Crimes in Las Vegas:

There are a multitude of potential drug crimes with which a defendant can be charged. This small list is inconclusive and is just provided to give an idea of a few of the drug crimes:

  • Trafficking in controlled substances: knowingly selling, manufacturing, delivering or bringing drugs into the state, while:
  • Knowingly in actual or constructive possession of large quantities of schedule 1 or 2 drugs
  • Possession, manufacture, transportation or sale of controlled substances in Las Vegas
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • All illegal drugs are prohibited, including marijuana, heroin, opiates, heroin, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine, oxycodone, many, many others

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Penalties for Illegal Drug Trafficking, Possession:

Depending on the schedule of the drug and the quantity involved, punishment will vary:

  • 4 grams to 14 grams – category B felony
  • One to six years prison
  • $50,000 fine, maximum
  • 14 grams to 28 grams – category B felony
  • Two to fifteen years prison
  • $100, 000 fine, maximum
  • 28 grams or more – category A felony
  • 25 years to life prison; parole possible after 10 years
  • $500,000 fine, maximum

Marijuana Penalties for Possession with Intent to Sell:

  • First offense – probation or suspended sentence possible, or
  • One to four years in prison
  • $20,000 fine, maximum
  • Second offense – category C felony
  • One to five years prison
  • Probation or suspended sentence not available
  • Third or subsequent offense – category C felony
  • Three to fifteen years prison
  • $20,000 fine, maximum
  • Probation, suspended sentence not possible

There are many, many different offenses on “the books” and it requires the expertise of a qualified drug lawyer to properly defend an accused defendant.

Complimentary Initial Case Review for Drug Crimes in Las Vegas, Nevada

A conviction for a drug offense in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada will leave you with a permanent criminal record and possible prison sentence. It is always best to get the expert advice of an experienced and aggressive
Las Vegas defense lawyer who will advocate on your behalf. You are not guilty unless and until a court of law deems it so. Many defensive strategies are available and your attorney is an expert in representing individuals such as yourself who were allegedly caught with illegal drugs. To schedule your complimentary case review, call our office. You will have the opportunity to review your case and your options with an experienced drug lawyer.