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When most people think of drug distribution and trafficking, they often imagine a large-scale operation involving many people mass manufacturing and transporting huge amounts of substances.Under Nevada law, however, a person might be charged with trafficking for possessing even a small amount of a controlled substance, prompting the need for a drug trafficking lawyer. Drug distribution or trafficking in Clark County or Las Vegas is a serious felony offense that calls for mandatory prison time and severe fines. If you have been arrested for any type of drug crime involving possession of a controlled substance, you can potentially be charged with distribution, trafficking, or both. Be certain that you have an experienced drug trafficking lawyer representing you from the start to make sure you give yourself the best chance for a positive result upon the resolution of your case.

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Fighting to Protect Your Rights in Complex Drug Cases

At The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig, Chtd., we offer our clients the benefit of a former City of Las Vegas prosecutor’s insight to drug crimes. We know how the other side operates because we have experience with their practice of introducing trafficking and possession with intent to sell charges in cases where nothing more than personal use was involved. These types of drug trafficking cases are all too common in Las Vegas and Clark County, which is why we specialize as drug trafficking lawyers.

We will do everything in our power to see that you are not convicted of a crime you did not commit. Even if the evidence appears to support a distribution or trafficking charge, I will present the strongest possible defense on your behalf. In some cases, it may be possible to avoid the long-term impact of a drug conviction by negotiating 3363 treatment (rehabilitation) instead of incarceration or other penalties. Arguing for rehabilitation is often an effective way to help you avoid charges, particularly if the charge should only constitute simple possession of a controlled substance.

Talk to a Dedicated Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer About Your Case

Know your rights. Do not talk to the police without having a lawyer present. If you have been charged with a drug crime in Las Vegas or Clark County, NV and require a drug trafficking lawyer, look no further than the Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig, where you can count on experienced, timely legal representation no matter what your charges may be.

A conviction for a felony offense can negatively impact your life for years and years to come. Securing competent representation can help you avoid consequences that limit your future personal and financial freedom. Your future is worth protecting.

We make it our mission to provide representation for you when you need it most. You can reach us at any time, day or night, and we will be there to protect your interests from the outset. You can reach us by phone at 702-706-0076 for an immediate response or via email for a response on the following business day.