DUI Lawyer in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some of the most stringent DUI laws in the country. One reason for this is because an endless amount of alcohol is freely offered to casino and hotel guests throughout their visits. Alcohol and gambling go hand-in-hand. However, when an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel with an illegal amount of alcohol in their system, they may be cited for a DWI, and many harsh consequences will ensue, culminating in a formal charge of DUI. However, just because a driver is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it does not mean that they will be found guilty in a court of law. Our
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drunk driving attorney clark countyDUI Laws and Penalties

While there are multiple pages of DUI laws and penalties that may apply to your particular case, blood alcohol concentration levels (BAC) are central to the DUI case:

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration Legal Limits:
  • Drivers 21 and under: 0.02%
  • Commercial licensed drivers: 0.04%
  • “Regular Drivers”: 0.08%

This means that if the above concentrations of BAC are found in your system, you can – and often will – be cited for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. If drugs are found in your system, you will be cited for that as well. The slightest amount of drugs – even prescription drugs – are applicable toward a conviction.

DUI Administrative Hearing

As in virtually every state, a driver accused of DWI will be subject to criminal charges via the courts, and administrative charges via the administrative area of law, usually the
Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

  • If the individual is accused of DWI, the DMV hearing will be held to determine whether the defendant’s driver’s license will be suspended.
    • The Administrative Court oversees the work of government agencies. This gives the public the right to appeal those actions that have been taken by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.
    • These courts are independent of and separate from criminal and civil cases.
    • The Office of Administrative Hearings is the court of appeal for administrative actions taken by the Nevada Dept. of Motor Vehicles
    • The judge is absolutely required to be independent, partial and fair

In the DUI Administrative Hearing, the accused has the opportunity to go before an administrative law judge to contest the DUI procedure.

Obtaining Superior Legal Counsel with a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

It is possible to win or overturn the DMV administrative hearing when you have knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel. There are many aspects to a DWI case; the administrative hearing is simply one of those aspects. It is advisable for an individual who has been accused of DWI in Las Vegas to obtain experienced and successful legal counsel so that the accused will realize that there are numerous options available in their case. To discuss your case, please
contact our office, where we defend DWI cases and other types of alleged criminal conduct. We provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your case.