What Are Wire And Mail Fraud Charges?

Mail and wire fraud are serious federal charges that have a broad scope. They apply to any type of scheme that defrauds others through the use of U.S. mail or electronic transmissions (such as email, telephone, the Internet or wire transfers). Examples include engaging in Internet “phishing” schemes or using other deceptive means, through the Internet or mail system, to
steal personal identifying information for financial gain.

To obtain a conviction, the prosecutor must prove:

  • A fraudulent scheme or deception
  • Use of mail or wire communications to advance the scheme
  • Intent to defraud others

“Fraud” includes both outright falsehoods as well as material misrepresentations.

As felony offenses, these charges can result in up to 20 years in federal prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

Conspiracy Charges

You can also be charged with
conspiracy to commit mail or wire fraud. In these cases, the prosecutor must prove:

  • A plan or agreement with another person to commit fraud
  • An overt act toward carrying out that scheme

Conspiracy charges are felonies. As a result, they must be taken just as seriously as mail and wire fraud charges.

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