Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyers in Las Vegas

Disorderly conduct involves individuals who are involved in fighting or who use obscene language, who commit a breach of the peace or who incite a riot. Whenever there is a disturbance of some nature, do not be surprised in Las Vegas if the police charge one or more with the offense of “disorderly conduct.”

Tell Me More About Disorderly Conduct in Las Vegas

Disorderly conduct is often referred to as one of those vague catch-all offenses that the police use to arrest individuals when there is not a specific offense involved:

  • Individuals who are causing a disturbance – as seen through the eyes of the officer
  • Frequently this offense is given to people who are creating a disturbance in bars, casinos, nightclubs, shows, on the Strip
  • Also, the charge may be given at rallies on the Strip or if there are protests involving disorderly conduct

Fines for Disorderly Conduct

Often, a disorderly conduct offense can be negotiated or dismissed in a court of law, so long as the defendant has a clean criminal record and violence was not involved. There may be a fine, however, often up to a few hundred dollars. The defendant may also be required to engage in a specific number of community service hours a well. Unless violence was involved, a jail sentence may be considered extreme.

Sealing Your Record

The offense of simple battery is frequently negotiated down to a lesser offense in Las Vegas. For example, with your attorney’s help, your offense may be negotiated down to:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Thereupon, with proper legal advice, your criminal record can be permanently sealed two years after the offense

Obtaining Quality Representation in Las Vegas for Criminal Offenses; Free Initial Consultation

In Las Vegas, it is not unusual for altercations to occur, considering the extensive entertainment, night-life, abundant drinking, casino activity and partying. The city seems to lend itself to so much excitement; in many way the authorities, while strong, are used to seeing all kinds of aberrant conduct. Your chances of obtaining an acquittal or dismissal increase exponentially when you are represented by a qualified and experienced
criminal defense lawyer. It is always wise to obtain the legal counsel of a professional when your freedom is at stake. Do not take any chances. Our office is available to discuss your case and we offer a complimentary case review to see how we can help. Do not delay; call us now.