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Understanding The Role Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense is no laughing matter if you are found guilty and convicted. In fact, you could face hefty fines, severe penalties, and even prison. When faced with the possibility of losing your freedom, you should seek legal counsel that understands the legal system and can help you obtain a favorable outcome.

When seeking legal counsel, it is important that you understand what to expect from your attorney. Here is an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer :

Case Assessment

Before you even step into a courtroom, your lawyer should have done their due diligence to understand the complex details of your case. Your lawyer should take time to review police reports, evidence, witness statements, and past cases to determine where your case currently stands and if there is any precedent that may help your case. Many attorneys will hire an investigator to collect evidence or witnesses that can help prove your innocence.

Maintain Communication

Your attorney should keep you in the loop about the progress of your case by providing updates as they happen. It is important to understand that your lawyer must maintain attorney-client privilege when communicating with you about your case. This privilege allows you to speak safely with your attorney without fear of reprisal. This privilege is not absolute, so there are exceptions to when it would apply. Make sure you discuss what information is protected under attorney-client privilege with your lawyer before divulging information.

Advocate For Client

One of the primary roles of a criminal defense attorney is to act as an advocate for their clients. Your attorney should act on your behalf to ensure that you are taking the best course of action in defending yourself and that your rights are not being violated.


In many cases, there is usually more than one way to try a case. Your attorney should take the details of your case and develop the most logical defense strategy. During your trial, your lawyer will employ legal tactics that will help prove your innocence or create doubt about your guilt.


In cases where a non-guilty verdict doesn’t seem attainable, your lawyer should work with prosecutors to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. This agreement is referred to as a plea bargain, and your defense attorney should negotiate the most favorable terms for your deal.

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