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What You Need To Know About Prostitution Laws In Nevada

Though prostitution is banned in most of the United States, most people know that the rules for Nevada are different. However, out-of-town visitors to Las Vegas and the rest of the state are frequently unfamiliar with what the legal boundaries are, who can be charged with a crime, and what defenses are available to them if charged. The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig are experienced sexual assault lawyers in Las Vegas, and here to help you.

Here are five facts you need to know about prostitution laws in Nevada.

1. Prostitution Is Not Legal In All Counties

Although prostitution is legal according to the State of Nevada, it comes with the caveat that only counties with a population below 700,000 are permitted to authorize brothels.

Because Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, has a population exceeding 700,000, this means that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and in the surrounding areas.

There are other counties where prostitution is not authorized. As of this writing, these include Washoe County (where Reno is located), Douglas County, Eureka County, Lincoln County, and Pershing County.

2. Brothels Must Follow State Safety Rules

Per Nevada law, sex workers who provide services in brothels must submit to monthly blood testing for HIV and syphilis, as well as periodic testing for other STDs. Sex workers are not allowed to provide services until they have demonstrated to the State of Nevada that they are free of any sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Applying For A Brothel License Requires A Background Check

If one is applying to run or manage a brothel, passing a background check is required. Those applying must also disclose the identity of the person managing the facility. Disclosure of the business’ financing is also required by the state.

4. Escorts Are Legal In Las Vegas, But Know The Law

Legally speaking, an escort is defined as someone who accompanies others for hire in either public or private settings, and escort services are legal in the city of Las Vegas as well as the rest of Clark County, albeit with restrictions.

All escorts operating in Clark County must be state licensed and possess work cards. Further, escorts are not permitted to offer sexual services for money, nor are escort services allowed to advertise that sex is being offered. Doing so could result in prostitution and pandering charges for the escort and the client. Undercover operations to catch perpetrators are quite common.

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