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What Makes a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

The Best Attributes to Look Out For:

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But What Attributes Make A Great Criminal Defense Attorney?

Negotiating Skills:

Over 90 percent of criminal matters settle prior to trial. Both defense and prosecutors will negotiate agreements between them and then discuss them with a judge for approval. A great defense attorney needs to be able to negotiate the best possible deal for his client.


As with all lawyers, a defense attorney needs to carry a high level of integrity. They must be transparent with their client, keeping the client informed on both the progress of their case and the most likely outcome of the proceedings.

Research Skills:

A great defense attorney must be good at researching. This doesn’t just count for legal research, but also to research into the alleged crime committed by his client, and any circumstances that the police may have missed out on.


Defense attorneys need to pursue all opportunities in order to convince the judge and the jury if the case ends up in court. They must show diligence and determination, going the extra mile at all times in order to fully defend their client. They must have great knowledge with regard to multiple outcomes and possibilities inside and outside the courtroom, exhausting all options available.

Excellent Communication

A defense attorney is only as good as his communication skills. They need to be a fantastic speaker, a keen listener, and an educated scribe. Communicating between all parties involved with a criminal charge can be a long and arduous process. It is the job of the attorney to work with clarity, in order to protect his client and communicate important messages.

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