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The Law Offices of Ben Nadig Have Achieved the Lead Counsel Rating in Criminal Law

We are pleased to announce that Benjamin Nadig, the premier criminal defense lawyer in Clark County, Nevada has been recognized by LawInfo’s Lead Counsel Rating. This service allows potential clients to thoroughly research attorneys nationwide and determine their level of experience, expertise, and reputation. Only attorneys like Benjamin who meet these stringent eligibility standards are considered for this special recognition.

The Lead Counsel verification process ensures that its qualified attorneys and lawyers have met their specific qualifications before considering them for the honor of being nationally rated. In order to be considered a candidate for this honor, Benjamin was evaluated based on four criteria:

Ample Experience:

Attorneys must meet stringent criteria to prove that a significant portion of their practice is dedicated to their claimed area of expertise.

Good Standing:

LawInfo, the nationwide directory for searching verified attorneys and lawyers, ensures that all Lead Counsel attorneys and lawyers are in good standing with their state bar association, and have maintained a clear ethical record with no disciplinary actions taken against them.

Peer Referred:

Lead Counsel attorneys must also be well-respected among their peers and have been recommended by multiple lawyers and legal representatives in their practice area. A minimum of three peer referrals were used to verify Benjamin’s reputation.

Annual Review:

A mandatory yearly review is performed to certify that Benjamin has maintained his practice and continues to meet the necessary guidelines for Legal Counsel Rating.

The Lead Counsel Commitment Declaration

Benjamin, along with all other attorneys and lawyers with Lead Counsel Ratings, promises to maintain specific standards of service in the legal community.

He pledges to:

  • Treat clients respectfully and courteously
  • Return clients emails and call promptly
  • Discuss client’s’ representation strategies and objectives
  • Explain to clients their legal obligations and rights
  • Represent clients thoroughly and competently
  • Inform clients of all necessary documents and correspondence
  • Protect client information with confidentiality and professionalism
  • Handle client matters ethically and comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Charge clients a fee which is reasonable and affordable, and explain to them the billing process
  • Assure clients that he remains in good standing with their local bar association
  • Undergo continuing education in their field of practice


Benjamin works tirelessly for his clients, and this acknowledgment is a welcome gesture that he continues advocate for all your legal needs. For a drunk driving attorney in Clark County, or if you are in need of any representation, please call The Law Offices Of Benjamin Nadig at 702-706-0076, or visit