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Criminal Defense in Las Vegas: How the Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig Can Win Your Case and Protect Your Future

Being convicted of a serious crime can determine the outcome of your career, your family life, and your freedom. Regardless of your case, The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig is determined to defend you and keep your rights protected.

Benjamin Nadig will respect your right to privacy, tirelessly research your individual case, look for an opportunity to beat the charges, and suppress any illegally obtained evidence. Your case will be thoroughly evaluated in order to get the most accurate results. We are determined to find the best possible resolution for your case.

There are a variety of criminal offenses that can ruin the life and reputation of a defandant. The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig represents clients in a variety of cases. We specialize in criminal defense in the following areas and instances:

Drug Crimes
If you are found with drugs or accused of another drug crime, such as trafficking or intent to sell, in the Las Vegas area, you can be left with a tainted permanent record or faced with serious fines or jail time. Drug charges depend on the type of drug crime, the drug in question, and the amount of drugs involved in the case.

Sex Crimes
Being charged with a sex crime results in having to be registered as a sex offender, having limited housing options, and serving prison time. In these cases, our firm can work to identify lack of proof and false accusations.

Violent Crimes
Violent crimes involve the use of extreme force upon a victim, usually with a weapon. Assault, robbery, and murder are considered to be violent crimes. We will question the authorities and delve into your case immediately to get the best results possible.

DUI Crimes

Even if you are caught with a high blood alcohol content (BAC) while driving, this does not mean that you cannot fight the charge in court. Sometimes, the breathalyzer could be malfunctioning. There are also other tactics we can use to make sure you do not face fines or jail time for driving under the influence.

The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig will research all of the possible techniques and outcomes to get you the best possible results. Regardless of the case at hand, we will be dedicated to finding a reasonable solution and defending your rights.

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