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Can I Get My Nevada Criminal Record Sealed?

It’s easy for any reputable criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas to understand how traumatic an arrest can be. Still, few people consider what comes after, “What happens to my record?” “Will my employer be able to see it?” “But the charges were dismissed — why weren’t my records sealed? 

These are common questions that the attorneys at The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig see regularly.

No one wants to have a criminal record follow them around for the rest of their life, destroying employment opportunities and changing the way people look at you. The good news is, there are a lot of cases where you can petition to get your record sealed, once you complete a waiting period.

If You Were Acquitted, You Don’t Have to Wait

If you were acquitted of the charges or the charges were dropped, then you don’t have to wait to petition to have your records sealed; you can have it done right away, though it typically takes two to four months to have the paperwork processed.

If You Weren’t Acquitted

There’s usually still hope to have the records sealed, but you may need to wait before you can apply. Typically, the waiting period can range in years, but once those records are sealed, you can get your life back.

Here are some examples of convictions whose records you can get sealed, and how long you may have to wait before applying:

  • Most misdemeanor charges – 1 year
  • Gross misdemeanors, misdemeanor battery, harassment, stalking, violating a protection order, or category E felonies – 2 years
  • Most category D, C, and B felonies – 5 years
  • Misdemeanor DUIs and battery domestic violence – 7 years
  • Category A felonies, burglary of a home, and felony violent crimes – 10 years

There Are Some Exceptions

While Nevada does allow many criminal records to be sealed after a waiting period, some crimes can’t have their records sealed and will remain accessible to the public. Generally, crimes involving children are ineligible and will appear on background checks for the rest of your life.

If you find yourself accused of a crime and need a trusted attorney in Las Vegas with experience dealing with violent crimes to help determine if you might be eligible to have your records sealed, reach out to The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig. We believe that everyone deserves a legitimate defense, and that no one should be unfairly treated under the law.

For more information about whether you can apply to have your records sealed, call us today.