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White-Collared: How Benjamin Nadig Can Effectively Defend Your White-Collar Crime Charges

Racketeering. Money laundering. Embezzlement. Tax fraud and evasion. These terms have more than a negative connotation. They have the gravitas to destroy your entire life. If you’re one of the hundreds of people charged with a white-collar crime each month, you know that these are serious accusations, and not to be taken lightly.

Benjamin Nadig, the premier criminal defense lawyer in Clark County, also understands the grave nature of allegations such as these, and how they can ruin your reputation and effectively stop your career dead in its tracks. That’s why he vows to aggressively and tenaciously defend any individuals accused of these severe charges.

A History on Both Sides of the Aisle

Defending white-collar crimes requires some very specialized skills in this highly-complicated area of the law, and many attorneys are not equipped to handle cases of this magnitude. However, Benjamin Nadig has the necessary knowledge and experience with these types of cases to defend your charges.

For instance, before he entered private practice, he worked on many cases as a prosecutor for the Las Vegas Court System. And before that, he handled securities litigation cases, which not only gave him experience handling corporate cases, but it introduced him to the complex process of large-scale discovery, which can be at the crux of many white-collar charges.

No Fear or Intimidation

For individuals who are charged with white-collar crimes, more than a reputation and career is at stake. Prison time and hefty fines also loom over the horizon of a guilty verdict or plea. Ben Nadig understands the severity of such a charge and the repercussions that can occur as a result of them.

Weaker or more timid lawyers will often advise their white-collar crime clients to throw in the towel and plead guilty, mainly because they’re intimidated by the courts or simply unaware of alternative legal options.

Benjamin Nadig will tenaciously and aggressively defend your white-collar charges. He has an excellent reputation for results regarding these types of charges, and will be an unwavering advocate for you and your case.

Don’t leave your freedom and financial future in the hands of someone with less experience, tenacity, or just doesn’t care about you or your case. Benjamin Nadig cares, and he’s ready to diligently defend you.

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