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Trusting the Experts vs. Taking Your Chances: Why You Should Always Hire a Lawyer

When faced with criminal charges, defendants have two options. They can either seek the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer or request for pro se legal representation. As one of the leading criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas, NV, Benjamin Nadig knows that while many defendants feel they have done enough research to represent themselves in the court of law, there is a big difference between reading about the law and practicing law.

Why Defendants Choose Self Representation

When a defendant chooses to represent themselves in a court of law rather than being represented by a lawyer it is referred to as pro se legal representation. Defendants who are skeptical of the American judicial system may opt for self-representation over hiring a private lawyer or accepting the help of a court-appointed public defender. Oftentimes, defendants are reluctant to trust court-appointed lawyers because they don’t have faith in the lawyer’s ability to provide an adequate defense.

Another reason why a defendant may choose self-representation over hiring a private lawyer is money. Some defendants are under the impression that they can save money by skipping out on hiring a lawyer. While defendants may be able to save a few dollars by not hiring a private defense lawyer, they may not realize that they are putting themselves at risk for losing more than money if they lose their case due to an improper defense.

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire A Lawyer

  1. They Understand The Law– lawyers have years of training that allows them to understand the complexity of the American legal system and to challenge prosecutors while mounting a powerful defense on your behalf.
  2. They Have Access To A Professional Network– attorneys have access to a professional network of expert witnesses and private detectives that can help build a solid defense for your case.
  3. They Can Negotiate on Your Behalf– a good lawyer can help you determine if you should follow through with a trial or if a plea bargain is a better option. If a deal is necessary, you’ll want an experienced lawyer to negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf.

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