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How Can I Avoid a Suspended Drivers’ License?

Several reasons can lead to the suspension of your driving license. If you get a DUI, rack up traffic tickets, ignore traffic tickets, fail to maintain auto insurance, or fail to provide child support, your driving license may be suspended or revoked. Driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license can attract hefty fines and jail terms.

So, how can you prevent your driving license from getting suspended?

Update Your Address

You can stop the suspension of your license by simply updating your address. If you change your address, it is crucial to update your current address with the SCDMV. Essentially, you are required to update the information within ten days after moving. When the address you are using is not valid, you risk missing strict deadlines to appeal a suspension. There are several ways to update your address, including online, by mail, or by visiting your local SCDMV branch.

Go for a Defensive Driving Course

The points against your driver’s license could have steadily increased to pose an imminent suspension risk. If you have racked up several traffic tickets of at least 12 demerit points per year, your license will be suspended. Take a look at your points and consider taking a defensive driving course that reduces the number of points against your license. Note that you must complete the course before your suspension begins, as point reduction cannot cancel a suspension once it takes effect.

Don’t Miss Your Court Dates

Once you receive your ticket or citation, you must show up for all your court dates. Missing court dates may result in hefty fines and automatic suspension of your license. If you cannot make your scheduled date for a valid reason, ensure you inform the court on time. Besides, during court proceedings, do not automatically notify the judge that you are guilty. The court will have to accept your guilty plea and give a ruling that may not favor you. You should seek the advice of your attorney when attending all court sessions.

Bring Along Evidence

When going to court, bring evidence that shows your issue has been resolved. For example, if you had no proof of insurance when you were stopped or had malfunctioning lights, bringing proof that these issues were resolved may forestall an imminent suspension.

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