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DUI Charges in Nevada: What You Need to Know

Driving drunk is illegal no matter which US state you’re in; however, the particulars of the law will differ from one state to another, making it critical to become familiar with local ordinances. If you live in or intend on visiting Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada and plan on drinking, make sure you’re familiar …read more

A Guide to Nevada Open Container Laws for Visitors to Las Vegas

What Makes a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

The Best Attributes to Look Out For: Trust the Offices of Benjamin Nadig: As the leading criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Benjamin Nadig provides criminal defense for all individuals facing charges. Our law offices provide free consultations 24/7, offering appointments both in our office, and on-site in jails and other convenient locations for those …read more

I’ve Been Charged with Disorderly Conduct, Now What?

Many people who visit the attractions offered on the Vegas Strip and the surrounding areas find themselves needing a criminal defense lawyer in Clark County. Usually, these individuals have had a little too much fun at the bar and engage in behaviors that are seen as unruly or a disturbance of some nature. While many …read more

Don’t Let a White Collar Crime Leave a Stain on Your Future

It’s no secret that being charged criminally can upend a person’s life or reputation, which is why it’s never a good idea to try and navigate the confusing realm of criminal defense on your own. The Law Offices of Benjamin Nadig serve as one of Clark County’s top picks for white collar criminal defense. We …read more

Can I Refuse Testing? Understanding the Consequences of Refusing DUI Chemical Testing in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, underage drinking is taken very seriously especially if a person is operating a vehicle. Under the law, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to have a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .02 or higher regardless of whether it impairs their driving. If your child is stopped …read more

Understanding Your Rights: What it Means To Be Mirandized

If you have ever watched an American television show based on law enforcement, then you’re probably familiar with the Miranda Warning. After placing a suspect under arrest, police officers will say something to the effect of “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a …read more

Trusting the Experts vs. Taking Your Chances: Why You Should Always Hire a Lawyer

When faced with criminal charges, defendants have two options. They can either seek the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer or request for pro se legal representation. As one of the leading criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas, NV, Benjamin Nadig knows that while many defendants feel they have done enough research to represent themselves …read more

Defending Against Charges of Open and Gross Lewdness

While being charged with any crime can be a significant interference and negative experience in your life, being charged with open and gross lewdness, or indecent exposure, can have even more severe consequences. Not only can your personal freedom be at risk, but your career and relationships with friends and family can be adversely affected …read more

Understanding The Role Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense is no laughing matter if you are found guilty and convicted. In fact, you could face hefty fines, severe penalties, and even prison. When faced with the possibility of losing your freedom, you should seek legal counsel that understands the legal system and can help you obtain a favorable …read more

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