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Misdemeanor DUI vs. felony DUI

Most Americans understand that when a motorist is pulled over and it is determined that that motorist has been driving while under the influence that he or she will be charged with drunk driving. What some Americans may be surprised to learn however, is that not all drunk driving charges are considered to be equally egregious.

The law recognizes that some drunk driving situations are more dangerous than others. Certainly, every time a motorist operates a vehicle while illegally intoxicated, some potential risk is involved in that activity. However, DUI laws classify certain drunk driving scenarios differently based primarily on how dangerous they either might be or have proven to be.

Understanding the basics of theft crimes

American criminal law is nuanced and complex. As a result, various crimes that seem fairly similar may be treated very differently by the courts. It is therefore important that if you are charged with a crime, you seek the guidance of an experienced criminal law attorney who can both explain your charges to you and advocate as successfully as possible on your behalf.

For example, say that you are accused of stealing something. Your attorney should be able to explain to you which theft crime or crime you have been accused of committing. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your alleged crime, you may face different potential penalties than you would had your circumstances been changed only a little bit.

Why representation of juveniles accused of crimes is important

When a minor is charged with a crime, it is important that that minor's parents or guardians seek out the legal counsel provided by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Some Americans may be under a misperception that juvenile crime is relatively harmless and that a conviction will not affect a juvenile's life to any great extent. Contrary to this belief, a conviction on a juvenile's record may affect that young person significantly throughout his or her life.

A criminal conviction can keep a juvenile from being accepted into college, from obtaining employment and from renting an apartment. If an experienced criminal attorney is not consulted in connection with a juvenile's case, that young person may end up caught in the juvenile justice system for much longer than necessary or may even be tried and convicted as an adult.

Skillful Defense Against Any Type Of PCS Or Marijuana Possession Charge

My only concern is securing the best available result for each client I serve. I am diligent If you are found in possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, a medication for which you have no doctor's prescription, club drugs or drug paraphernalia, I will present the strongest possible case to show that the drugs were not yours or that the police had no grounds to perform the search that led to the discovery of the drugs.

If the prosecution has compelling evidence in your case, I will pursue every available option in an effort to avoid a conviction on your record. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, it may be possible negotiate 3363 treatment that would allow for your case to be dismissed after you complete court-ordered classes or drug treatment.

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